Creature(s) In The Shadows

The City of Blood and Wolves
Every city has a secret. A darker side, one hidden in secret and shadow. In this city, turning down the wrong alleyway could be the biggest mistake of your life. Will you fall victim to the City that Bleeds or are you one of the many residents that are helping run up the body count? Come to Covaire City, the City that Bleeds, and watch how quickly your heart begins to race in fear.
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Any tips or hints that you can give us that might help us increase of chances of our apps getting accepted? And what are the most common mistakes or reasons you see in apps that causes you to decline them, and how can we avoid those? Thank you!

Hello! I’d love to give you a few tips and hints to help build your character(: Firstly, I would suggest you breeze through the current characters in the game just to get a bit of a sense what sort of characters we already have to avoid creating one too similar. There are a few tips/hints we can also suggest for players when applying:

Alpha Links:

Alphas are the leaders of the packs and their offsprings are often expected to have some sense of leadership and authority bred into them. But Alpha born children don’t always hold traits that are expected from them and details often linking them to Alphas as their offspring, mate, ally, aren’t always needed. Sometimes the same sort of bond can be found from someone simply ordinary. We suggest players to avoid linking their characters to Alphas unless necessary.

Historical References: 

By all means, feel free to use historical events such as World Wars, revolutions, movements, or other events in your character’s biography. They can date back any time, from any era and any continent. But please, thoroughly research all related events: look into the era, common beliefs, behavior, laws, and dates that apply to all events. Refrain from directly involving your character with former royals or King/Queens from ages past. And please, do not alter any events in time, it would be rather upsetting to discover that Hitler won the war(;


Realism is essential in this roleplay. We want to see realistic reactions to settings and circumstances in biographies. Realize that your character isn’t going to be able to fall from their gracious lifestyles and simply walk away, life isn’t easy and we love to see how characters handle what has happened to them. Explain how they’ve felt about ordeals, how their families, friends, and others have reacted to what has happened. Tell us how they’ve come to find themselves in Covaire and what has brought them here, we love to see the motives of characters and how the past has affected them.

These are the three main things we always look for in all applications we receive, if you ever have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to message us(:


I know vampires can't be slaves; but can they be civilians? I don't think I've seen a civilian vampire yet.

Hello anon! Unfortunately, vampires cannot be civilians. Vampires are the only species in Covaire that are entitled to one specific title, that of a Master or Mistress. Hope that clears things up! 

Welcome to Covaire City, Malachi Scott.

Name: Malachi Scott
Species: Werewolf (Omega)
Age: 18
Sexuality: Bisexual
Turn-Ons: Hair pulling, light bondage, nice bodies, foreplay, power play, kindness, biting (non vampire), spanking, being dominated.
Turn-Offs: Heavy bondage, scat, water sports, blood play, roughness, bad hygiene, body worship, humiliation, werewolves.
Face Claim: Luke Newberry[[MORE]]
Background: Things were bad right from the off. As soon as he was born two weeks premature his parents held little hope of his survival. Though things seemed better as is turned out that Malachi was a fighter and managed to survive. His parents called him their own little miracle, that there were angels looking down on them who allowed them to have a son. Though it didn’t take long for problems to arise. As it turned out Malachi was born with a weak immune system, catching something different every week and so most of his childhood was spent in a hospital, nurses watching over him and monitoring everything they could to make sure he survived. Growing up basically going in and out of hospital beds was rough on him, but he tried to be strong and lived through the harsh world he was brought up in, his parents doting on their only miracle child.
Everything got easier for him as he grew up, doing well in school even though he was bullied for looking pale and sickly with a mop of dirty ginger hair. He knew that he would have little chance of having good friends, but this didn’t bother him so much as instead he worked hard to get a good education. He was always the top of the class no matter how often he was home ill, teachers always congratulating him on the gold star which always came back with his homework. Though he was a quiet boy he was a smart one and when he got old enough and multiple universities were offering him places. His parents were beyond proud and soon his bags were packed ready to go to University and make something of himself, leaving the harsh childhood behind him.
His family decided to go on holiday to the US, a small celebration before their son went off to school again. Though it was a holiday, Mal spent most of it with his nose stuck in a book not enjoying the sun and the tan he was probably not even able to get. That was when he found himself in hospital again. He was heading back to the hotel when he came across a man mugging a woman, flip knife in his hand. Mal tried to interfere and help out, but it only ended with him on the floor, blood staining his shirt after multiple stab wounds. The doctors said there was very little they could do for him, what he needed was a miracle and their parents prayed and prayed for one. Then they were confronted by a man who could save their son and get rid of his bad immune system, but at a price. As soon as Mal was healed he would be taken away and his parents would never see him again. A rough price, but with their son dying they agreed and sealed the deal and their son’s fate without Mal even knowing.
The night of a full moon, Mal was smuggled by the hospital. It was easy, the man who offered to save his life dressed himself up as a doctor and gave Malachi something to put him to sleep before taking him out on one of the beds with a cloth over him like he was dead. Instead he was taken out the back and thrown into a car and driven away. That night his kidnapper turned into a werewolf right in front of his eyes. The bite was delivered and sure enough it saved his life. His wounds were healed over time and soon he was back at full health again, but it would make no difference as to what would happen to him afterwards. His maker took his newly made pup back to Covaire city with him and handed him over to the guards to throw into a cell without another word. With the debt he owed to the city paid off and Malachi locked into one of the cells that was the end of that. The bite some would consider a gift was nothing more than a curse to Mal and the thing which took his parents and future away from him. 
Secret: While in school one of his classmates went missing never to be seen again. The Police called it a child kidnapping, but Malachi knew what really happened to him. He was down by the lake when he saw it, two boys fighting by the water’s edge. Remaining hidden he watched one shove the other’s head under the water and hold it there until the boy was still. Scared of what happened the other boy fled the scene. It was Malachi who put the other boy in the lake and watched his lifeless body sink to the bottom out of curiosity as to what would happen. No one ever found out it was him.
Personality: Mal is a quiet person, not really talking to people unless they really get through to him. Growing up being bullied he never trusts people unless they earn it and even that can be a tough task for anyone. Though he doesn’t speak he is obedient and compliant with what the Masters and Mistresses want from him no matter what. He doesn’t see the point in getting told off for being unruly and so he will stay low and keep his head down to try and keep himself off the radar. Mal doesn’t want to be claimed by anyone, the thought of being owned by someone doesn’t sit very well in his head and so he won’t make too much of a noise to draw any attention to himself. He could sit there all day in his cell without a single complaint about food or wanting to get out.
Sometimes he just thinks that dying will be easier than living.

Quote: “Some might call what I am a gift. All I call it is the thing which ruined by life.”
  • Name: Malachi Scott
  • Species: Werewolf (Omega)
  • Age: 18
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Turn-Ons: Hair pulling, light bondage, nice bodies, foreplay, power play, kindness, biting (non vampire), spanking, being dominated.
  • Turn-Offs: Heavy bondage, scat, water sports, blood play, roughness, bad hygiene, body worship, humiliation, werewolves.
  • Face Claim: Luke Newberry

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Name: Amelia Pike
Species: Human
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight 
Turn-Ons: D/s, being dominated, bondage, orgasm denial, pleasing others. Open to anything – even willing to try her turn offs if it means pleasing. 
Turn-Offs: Gore, too much blood, lack of personal hygiene, submissive men, being in control.
Face Claim: Sophie Turner[[MORE]]
Background & Personality
Secret: Amelia prefers to be in a submissive position, and she really truly just wants to please. Sometimes she wishes that she could simply belong to her father fully. She resents his treatment of her, but because he was the only person in her life regularly she has found herself abnormally attached and her devotion runs much deeper than she would ever admit.
  • Name: Amelia Pike
  • Species: Human
  • Civilian
  • Age: 18
  • Sexuality: Straight 
  • Turn-Ons: D/s, being dominated, bondage, orgasm denial, pleasing others. Open to anything – even willing to try her turn offs if it means pleasing. 
  • Turn-Offs: Gore, too much blood, lack of personal hygiene, submissive men, being in control.
  • Face Claim: Sophie Turner

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App count?
  • 1x Amelia Pike
  • 1x OC male werewolf slave
  • 1x OC male human slave
  • 1x OC vampire mistress
Are you accepting at the moment?

All apps that were accepted tonight were part of this weekend’s batch, but were simply being processed. So no, no application will be reviewed.

Thank you for your patience. (:

Welcome to Covaire City, Selena Dawson.

Name: Selena Dawson
Species:  Werewolf (Omega)
Age: 29
Sexuality: Bisexual (Prefers women)
Turn-Ons: Bondage, biting, hair pulling, spanking, marking, giving and receiving oral and anal (with a strap on for giving), toys of any kind, older men and women and pretty little brunette girls.
Turn-Offs: Arrogance, trouble makers, poor hygiene, water play, electric play, golden showers, complaining, stupidity.
Face Claim: Kate Hudson[[MORE]]
Background: A family that hunts together, stays together. That was Shawn Dawson’s motto for he and his two daughters. Selena and Sierra Dawson were born and raised in the mountains of Montana by their widowed father, a skilled hunter who enjoyed hunting, especially bears and wolves. From the time Selena and her younger sister were big enough to carry a shot gun, their father took them hunting with him and his sister on the weekends and during vacations from school, teaching them everything he knew, from tracking to setting traps to aligning shots. That was how the family bonded. 
It was on the night of a full moon that once single shot would permanently change this little family’s life, and not for the better. Shawn had taken a teenage Sierra with him on this hunt, a sick Selena having to stay home with her aunt. Shawn and Sierra shot and killed a male wolf that night. It was a huge win for them, for this wolf was bigger than a normal one. This was a nice kill and was looking like some pretty good money in their pockets. But this kill would cost them as the wolf they had killed was not a regular wolf of the wild, but a werewolf on a run. And a werewolf with a now bloodthirsty vengeful mate who wanted revenge on the hunter and his family for killing her beloved. 
The shewolf could have just killed Shawn Dawson that night after following him home, but that was too easy in her eyes. No. She would hurt him where he cared the most: his pretty little daughters. The shewolf had many connections and had Sierra Dawson kidnapped on her way home from school one cold October day. Both Montana police and the FBI had no leads on who took Sierra and after weeks of searching and investigating, had no choice but to close the investigation. That was step one in the shewolf’s plan. 
A few months after the case was closed, the shewolf befriended Selena at the Montana Community College, getting close to her and working her way into the family. This was step two in the shewolf’s plan to ruin the hunters life. She wanted to kill his other daughter, to watch the grief of losing both children in under a year destroy his life. She would play comforting friend to him, but with every chance she got, wouldn’t fail to remind him how he lost them both. And when the time would come, she’d reveal herself, torment him with the knowledge that she took the two most precious things to him, like he had her. She hadn’t decided yet if she would kill him or force him to live with the weight on his shoulders. Selena’s new “friend” even managed to work her way into her heart and seduced her just a few nights before the full moon. She wanted to get close to both Shaw and Selena, learn their weaknesses and how to use them to her advantage to get her revenge. Shawn was wary about the relationship, but welcomed the shewolf into his daughters life, not knowing who or what she was. It was almost perfect. As the full moon rose high in the Montana sky, the shewolf knew Shawn would be out on a hunt and knowing Selena would be choosing to stay home, waiting for the shewolf to come spend the night with her. That was what she had planned. Breaking through the glass sliding door, the werewolf broke into the house and attacked Selena with the intention of killing her then and there. What she hadn’t anticipated was Shawn’s early return home. Before the shewolf could give a fatal bite, shots rang out and the wolfs kill was ruined as she fled, but not before taking a chunk out of Selena’s arm. 
Selena was rushed to the hospital that night  and luckily would be okay. Or so everyone thought. Everyone but the shewolf. She knew what her bite would do and despite the desire to kill Selena, she wouldn’t. She decided that letting the little hunters daughter turn into what he hunted and watch him gun her down like he did her mate would be a much better form of revenge, so he would live with that grief, that burden, for the rest of his life. No, she would let daddy kill his little girl on his next full moon hunt. Though she wanted to stay the next full moon, she had arrangements to take care of in Covaire City. A problem with the restaurant the shewolf owned arose, an enormous fire consuming the building and killing the staff she had working for her, those humans, that is. Omegas were injured, but they survived. Had it not been for that disaster, the shewolf would be back in Montana, watching the death of Selena. Before she left Covaire, once arrangements were made for the reconstruction of her restaurant, the shewolf had a quick stop to make. To the Chateau. Her intentions? Visit little Sierra and torment her with the stories of all she had caused to her sister and father. Much to her disappointment however, upon her return to the Crimson City, the little slave was no where to be found. She found the first guard she saw, demanding where the girl was, only to learn the girl was stupid enough to try and attack and kill the vampire King, who killed her immediately for her actions. 
Rather disappointed in this latest development, the shewolf returned home to Montana after the full moon, and was shocked to find Selena had survived her first full moon. With her hunter of a father and this being her first shift and having no one to guide her, there was no way the girl should have survived. But she had. How? Selena, somehow on her first full moon, managed to flee from her hunter father, but not before he got a shot off in her hind leg. The wolf pushed through the pain and hid until morning, when she shifted back into her human form. Shawn, distraught to find Selena missing, scoured the woods for hours in the morning, searching for his daughter. He found hidden in a bush at the edge of a clearing, naked and bleeding. He didn’t know how or why, but when the next full moon came around and Shawn barely escaped his daughter’s transformation, they both learned the truth: Selena was a werewolf. Shawn couldn’t believe it, hell, Selena really couldn’t either, but with unexplainable things like heightened senses and her eyes burning gold in anger, they had no choice but to believe, though there was no way they could go around town asking questions. This got the shewolf’s blood boiling and it took everything she had not to rip Selena’s head off at their reunion. No, for the moment, she’d play supportive girl friend.
Later that month was when times got rough for Selena and Shawn as what would have been Sierras seventeenth birthday. Selena became depressed between missing her sister and adjusting to her knew change. She was getting used to a lot, specifically smells as everyone had a certain smell to her. Her fathers was dirt and sadness and the shewolf’s. She could only place a smell of hatred. On Sierras birthday, Selena locked herself in her sisters room and surrounded herself with her things. The police had found a few of her belongings and returned them, one being her jacket that they never washed. She lay down beside it and inhaled and…there was that smell. The smell of the shewolf: of hatred and something else…of wolf. It didn’t take long for the girl to come to a conclusion: her “lover” was the reason for her sisters disappearance and, now it dawned on her, her being turned. Everything screamed at her to confront the shewolf, to demand answers and to rip her apart. But she couldn’t. She had to be smart about it. 
She was going to play dumb to everything, for the moment. She watched the shewolf carefully over the next few weeks, not giving anything away that she knew anything. Around spring break, the shewolf said she’d be out of town with family for the holiday, really leaving to visit a few friend in Covaire. Selena smiled and told her to enjoy, then got in her car and followed. It was a very long and very tiring journey, Selena fearing she’d be caught at any moment. Luckily with so many around, she believed her scent would be masked. It was until she just finally stepped inside the Crimson City, ready to call local authorities, was she stopped at the gates. Dragged through the city, she was brought before the Wolf Alpha, a very cold and cruel looking man. She demanded where her sister was, where the shewolf was and threatened to call the police immediately if they didn’t release her. The Alpha demanded for the shewolf to be found and brought in immediately. 
Confused about being summoned, she entered the Alpha’s office, and froze, clearly caught off guard by the sight of the pup in the city. The shewolf gave the whole story of her mate being killed by the girls father, of her enslaving Sierra in the city and of her turning Selena, whose eyes were burning gold as she fought against the guards restraining her. Unconcerned by the shewolf’s behavior, the Alpha sent her away and decreed that the pup should be punished for breaking into their city and causing such a disturbance. Her punishment would not be to die, but to live in her sisters place as a slave, enduring everything her sister did and wondering where the human was now, not letting Selena know the King had killed her.
Tossed into a cell with nothing but the now dirty and torn clothes on her back, the young wolf pup was slapped with the title of slave, forced to live like her sister had. Months passed, beatings were taken and time was spent in solitary before Selena finally understood and accepted her place here. No, she wasn’t happy about it, no she didn’t give up home for getting free, but yes, she did behave, yes, she did obey and serve and yes is she still alive a year later. 
Having gotten comfortable with her most recent master, she was pissed when he upped and left her and made hell when the guards dragged her back to her cell, clawing at one mans face. Pissed off, the guard bashed her head into a wall and threw her into solitary for a week as her welcome back gift. Now, coming out of solitary after one of her longest claiming, Selena is adjusting back into the life of a cage. 
Secret: While she was following the shewolf to Covaire, she witnessed the wolf attack a family, killing all but a little boy who was barely alive. She couldn’t reveal herself by interfering, needing to know the truth about her sister. When the shewolf left, she went to family, thinking they were all dead, until the little boy, all bloody, gasped and pleaded for her help. She could tell there was no hope for him and didn’t want to wait for help to arrive for him, knowing he’d be dead before it came. Putting an end to his suffering, she snapped his neck and moved on. 
Personality: Selena is very calculating. Being raised by her hunter father, she’s learned a lot about patience and precision and uses it to her advantage. Instead of figuring out ways of escape, she uses it as ways to gain things now. She knows better than to complain out loud. She knows what to offer, when to offer it, how far to go and what she can get in return for her offers. She mostly uses this on the masters though, mistresses, she’s more relaxed and happier to play with, though she still makes sure she gets what she wants in return. 
She doesn’t want to be lured into trouble by disobedient slaves. She’ll talk to them, be friendly with them as long as she’s kept out of their problems. She won’t take others punishment and wouldn’t ask for that of anyone else. She’ll share a blanket or a sandwich i someone needs it, but at the first sign of a problem, she will back away and watch from a distance.
Quote: “Common sense is calculation applied to life.”
  • Name: Selena Dawson
  • Species:  Werewolf (Omega)
  • Age: 29
  • Sexuality: Bisexual (Prefers women)
  • Turn-Ons: Bondage, biting, hair pulling, spanking, marking, giving and receiving oral and anal (with a strap on for giving), toys of any kind, older men and women and pretty little brunette girls.
  • Turn-Offs: Arrogance, trouble makers, poor hygiene, water play, electric play, golden showers, complaining, stupidity.
  • Face Claim: Kate Hudson

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Welcome to Covaire City, Jamie Ryan.

how long have you guys been open? this looks well established!

Hello anon,

Officially the group has been running since 2012 (First post I can go back to is mid-July) the group was passed to Admin Felicity at the end of 2012 and we’ve been going stronger than ever! (:

I second that Anon. 5 star RP group, 5 star players, 5 star admins. Covaire is my anti-drug.

Omg guys, what is going on…? People might start thinking we’re sending ourselves awesome-anons. xD

But thank you. :)

I just want to say that a love this RP. The layout, the characters, the plot and the wonderful Admins. You guys do an amazing job and this is by far one of the best RP's I've ever seen on tumblr. You rock

Well, this has warmed my heart! Thanks so much. 

A group can’t be a group without all the players, so it’s really everyone here who’s made Covaire the way it is. <3